Industrial Edge AI/ML Deployment Guide

AI is introducing large, multi-modal capabilities, ushering in a new generation of collaborative manufacturing with human and AI-enabled automation. Learn how you can enable high performance AI with low latency across legacy and future ML applications.

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“For the burgeoning market for video and computer vision edge applications, is uniquely positioned to overcome one of the biggest hurdles to enabling AI and ML at remote locations.”

- IDC, IDC Innovators: AI/ML at the Edge, Doc #US51793824, January 2024

AI-Enabled Industrial: High Performance, Energy Efficient, Secure

While the transformation of manufacturing is inevitable, getting started or expanding industrial AI/ML initiatives can be a challenge. 

This practical guide offers key considerations to help you quickly demonstrate and gain business value with edge AI/ML:

Get the insights you need to rapidly deploy intelligent systems, accelerate your complete ML pipeline, and increase efficiency and safety while lowering TCO. 

Benefits of integrating data strategy, governance, and MLOps

Value of deploying AI/ML at the edge

Quantified improvements in availability, performance and quality

10 considerations that simplify and accelerate your journey to smarter manufacturing