Flight Time.
Lower TCO.
Deploy Sooner.

We are passionate about not letting anything limit you. Get >2x the flight time and >20x improved responsiveness at <½ the weight using the superefficient SiMa.ai MLSoC™.

Build the best drones. Period.

  • High-end consumer
  • Professional enterprise
  • Logistics
  • Construction and public safety
  • Agriculture and mining
  • Utilities and building inspection
Build the most intelligent and energy efficient drones.

High-Performance Processing, Low-Power Consumption

Concurrent ML

Faster Deployment

Effortless,Push-Button ML

Best-in-Class FPS/W

Privacy and Security

Sensor Fusion

Our key technology differentiators enable you to address any computer vision problem and achieve 10x better performance all in one beautifully simple, push-button software experience for Effortless ML drone deployment.