Limitless ML.
Saves Lives. delivers the most powerful on-device processing of medical data with low power utilization, blazing-fast predictions, and multi-purpose backends. Easy-to-use software allows you to focus on what you are best at without worrying about privacy, performance and efficiency.

Spend more time with patients, less on ML deployment. We got this!

  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Clinical decision support
  • Patient monitoring
  • Medical imaging
  • Public health monitoring
  • Healthcare and operational analytics
Build the very best in healthcare applications.

Power-Efficient Design

Broad Application Support

Lower TCO

Heterogeneous Compute

Untethered Operation

Privacy and Security

High-Performance ML

Our key technology differentiators enable you to address any computer vision problem and achieve 10x better performance all in one beautifully simple, push-button software experience for Effortless ML healthcare applications deployment.