Your Data.
Real Time.

Blazing-fast, low-latency inferencing of your data at the highest accuracy in one platform. Secure, on-device ML acceleration and analytics in a highly-efficient, low-power design with a push of a button.

Our MLSoC™ makes one mean smart vision machine.

  • Frictionless retail
  • Smart cities
  • Agricultural automation
  • Food and packaging inspection
  • Public safety and transportation
  • Industrial IoT
Build the most intelligent smart vision applications.

Effortless Deployment

Software-First Approach

Low-Latency, Real-Time Processing

Thermal Efficiency

Privacy and Security

Lower TCO

Concurrent ML

Our key technology differentiators enable you to address any computer vision problem and achieve 10x better performance all in one beautifully simple, push-button software experience for Effortless ML smart vision applications deployment.