In Pursuit of
Effortless ML

We are in the relentless pursuit to make ML effortless for you. We know it’s an audacious goal – so we are taking it head on.

Solving real customer problems.

Other ML solutions put the cart before the horse.

Our solution to scaling ML at the embedded edge.

Who We Are

We are determined to disrupt the $10T+ embedded edge market that is still using decades old technology. We’re a uniquely qualified 100+ team made up of the brightest minds in software, semiconductor design, and machine learning. We are well-funded by top-tier VCs and initially focused on helping solve computer vision challenges in smart vision, robotics and Industry 4.0, drones, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and the government sector. We are obsessed with delighting our customers and currently working with over 50 market-leading companies to bring ML to their platforms.

What we focus on

Whether you’re building smarter drones, intelligent robots, or autonomous systems, SiMa.ai can help get you there.