Welcome to SiMa.ai’s Effortless ML Ecosystem Program

Let’s grow together. Join our community of partners to help enable the scaling of ML at the embedded edge

SiMa’ai software approach to ML development speeds your deployment to the edge, with a low code environment that reduces the complexity and effort to migrate your computer vision pipeline from python cloud, x86 hosted accelerator or even hardcoded SOC platforms.

The Effortless Ecosystem extends this approach with partners to reduce the effort to bring both hardware and software products to market to deliver edge ML systems.

Please welcome our Partners today and see what solutions that they can offer you for Effortless ML Products that shorten your time to market and reduce your cost to effectively deploy ML to the edge.

The Ecosystem Program is open to Sensor Vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), System Integrators (SIs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). These partner’s products can be effortlessly combined into system solutions that can address a wide range of Edge ML deployment markets, use cases and requirements for those companies developing edge ML products and services.


We are working with partner companies to extend our product offerings with hardware co-design and integration for board and box level designs that can support the wide variety of configurations needed in the marketplace. Some of our hardware partners can provide white labeled solutions for company branded products or integrate OEM/ODM products with associated hardware and software to provide System integration capabilities.

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ISVs + Software Tools Vendors

We are also working with software vendors that have solutions that can utilize ML edge processing silicon to host and execute their software applications for ML edge use cases. These ISVs provide valuable integration of our stack with their ML application stacks to customize for a wide variety of use cases and applications that leverage the processing power of our MLSoC devices.

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We work with these partners to co-market solutions that combine the best of breed for all of these areas into cohesive system solutions that take ML to the edge.

Become Effortless in your ML at the Edge!

SiMa.ai has created a new approach for Edge ML software development with our all-in-one Palette Software for effortless migration of Edge ML application stacks to our embedded Quad-core ARM processors running embedded Yocto Linux.

We provide a simple high-level, full stack approach in a unified development environment for model compilation, pipeline creation and build generation, profiling and deployment with a pushbutton approach.

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