Daniel Docter is Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital, where he leads and manages investments in modern data infrastructure and analytics, AI and ML, cloud management and orchestration, CI/CD, and cloud native and serverless architectures. His investments include MongoDB (IPO: MDB), Graphcore, Redis, Domino Data Lab, Xometry (IPO:XMTR), Packet (acq. by Equinix), Provino (acq. by Google), BlueData (acq by HPE), Immuta, Fly.io, Bodo.ai, OpsMx, and several others.

Prior to joining Dell Technologies Capital, Daniel was a Director at Intel Capital where he led investment in cloud and data center infrastructure, software defined networking, managed services, and high performance computing.  His investments include Switch (IPO: SWCH), Tier 3 (acq. by CenturyLink), Passave (acq. by PMCS), E2O Communications (acq. by JDSU), Cyoptics (acq. by Avago), Stratalight Communications (acq. by Opnext), Cortina Systems (acq. by InPhi), Fulcrum Microsystems (acq. by Intel), Virident (acq. by Western Digital), and Aspeed (IPO on Taiwan Stock Exchange).

Prior to Intel Capital, Daniel was with Merrill Lynch as an adviser for technology company clients involved in IPOs and M&A transactions. Daniel spent 11 years at AT&T Bell Labs and Hughes Research Labs in optical and RF communications research. He has more than 50 journal publications and 10 patents. Daniel holds a PhD and BS in Electrical Engineering and is based in Palo Alto, California.